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Trees provide the cool comfort of shade in your backyard, the gentle sound of wind rustling through the leaves and quite often, the privacy that makes a yard special. In addition to providing these aesthetic and practical advantages, trees can add 20 percent or more to the value of your real-estate investment. Trees reduce the costs of cooling in the summer and heating in winter. They help reduce erosion, produce oxygen, and absorb carbon dioxide that adds to global warming. Trees need care because they are susceptible to damage from diseases, insects, pollution, and improper growth patterns. They suffer the worst damages, though, from improper pruning from uninformed or inexperienced tree trimmers. Nature-Scape, Inc. performs all facets of tree care, including pruning, thinning, crown restoration, fertilization, and disease control. Our fully-licensed crew, supervised by our certified arborist, has been performing tree care of the highest caliber throughout Los Angeles for over 15 years. Correctly performed tree trimming and care will improve the health of your trees and restore their beautiful appearance and structural integrity. Nature-Scape, Inc. also installs and removes the more mature trees that require the use of heavy equipment. Nature-Scape, Inc. provides for permit acquisition, street closure and traffic control, and heavy equipment required for the installation or removal. Nature-Scape, Inc. has over 25 years of experience installing fully grown specimen trees throughout the Los Angeles area.